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MIPTV was founded in 1963 by Bernard Chevry, just as modern television began to take shape. The first market was in Lyon, France bringing together a few hundred professionals, mostly from Europe. MIP-TV, the International Television Programmes Market, was born.

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In 1965 the market moved to Cannes, and quickly became an international success, uniting a growing community of international TV professionals.

For 50 years, MIPTV has been at the heart of the innovation that has shaped the future. Below are the event’s key dates. Be sure to watch the past five decades’ Top 50 Series, and to share your MIPTV Stories.


  • 1963

    Bernard Chevry launches “MIP-TV” (Marché International des Programmes de Télévision), in Lyon.

  • 1965

    MIPTV moves to Cannes, to the old Palais des Festivals (silent film)

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  • 1966

    TV report of MIPTV opening, 1966

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  • 1968

    Interview with Armand Gaillard at MIPTV.

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  • 1969

    French star Regine interviewed on a sunny Croisette at MIPTV 1969

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  • 1974

    Shirley MacLaine shines at MIPTV

  • 1977

    Clip of Cannes, outside old Palais and interview

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  • 1978

    MIPTV SFP Party, with French songwriter Charles Trenet

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  • 1979

    MIPTV sees more than 100 countries represented for the first time.
    The project to build a new Palais des Festivals takes shape.

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  • 1980

    Clip of Chinese delegates in Palais

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  • 1982

    New Palais in Cannes is inaugurated, partly in response to the need for more exhibition space for MIPTV

    Muhammad Ali at MIPTV

  • 1983

    ETMA Trophee to Le Commandant Cousteau at MIPTV

  • 1984

    MIPTV ETMA Gala with Céline Dion

  • 1985

    MIPCOM is launched in Cannes

  • 1988

    Star Trek Hero Patrick Stewart at MIPTV



  • 1990

    TV report focusing on clients from Eastern Europe.

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  • 1992

    Mary Higgins Clark gives a press conference & Léo Kirch celebrates BETA at MIPTV

  • 1993

    • MIPJunior is launched in Cannes.
    • Charlton Heston at MIPTV’s 30 anniversary

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  • 1993

    Clip of French TV Report on MIPTV, showing an “interactive” TV and remote control.

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  • 1994

    • Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York at MIPTV
    • Sumner Redstone at MIPTV

  • 1997

    M6 10th Anniversary in presence of Jean Drucker & Nicolas de Tavernost at MIPTV.

  • 1998

    MIPDoc is launched in Cannes.

  • 1999

    Roger Moore on the Croisette at MIPTV



  • 2002

    Catherine Deneuve & Michael Ironside at MIPTV

  • 2003

    MIPTV’s 40th anniversary: Paul Zilk takes over from Xavier Roy as CEO of MIPTV organiser, Reed MIDEM.

  • 2004

    First China Day and official delegation from SARFT. MIPTV becomes favoured international event for China’s development of international television programming.

  • 2006

    Dennis Haysbert (24) at MIPTV

  • 2007

    Yann Arthus Bertrand receives the MIPTV Green World Award.

  • 2009

    Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) & William Petersen (CSI) visit MIPTV



  • 2010

    MIPFormats is launched in Cannes

  • 2011

    Arnold Schwarzenegger visits MIPTV, leaves handprints outside Palais

  • 2012

    • Future-of-TV event MIPCube is launched in Cannes

  • 2013

    MIPTV celebrates its 50th birthday.
    • This poster was drawn especially for MIPTV’s 50th anniversary by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. © 20th Century Fox.